2019 Southern Food Festival at COTU

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This year I attended the 2nd annual Southern Food Festival at Center of the Universe Brewing, and I’m glad I did.

First, I love craft beer, and COTU never disappoints. This festival marked the release of their “Bless Your Heart” Peaches and Cream Ale, and it was everything you would expect from Center of the Universe Brewing. Of course there were other COTU craft beers on tap, such as Chin Music American Amber Lager, Ray Ray’s American Pale Ale, my personal favorite Pocahoptas IPA, and a number of others.

Secondly, I love to eat, and there was some great food there. Now the problem I have with many festivals is the portions. Despite my best efforts I can only eat so much, and honestly, I want it all. However at this festival the food vendors offered $3 small plates which allowed me to get a little of nearly everything the festival had to offer.

Capital Waffle Shop had some amazing chicken and waffles. Tender, juicy chicken sitting on top of golden waffles. Mama J’s had fried catfish nuggets and greens that were so good that if I closed my eyes I would have thought I was sitting at my grandmother’s dinner table. Grandpa Eddie’s smoked wings could not have been better. And not to be out done, Jake’s Place had thick and rich Brunswick stew that can’t be beat. And of course there is nothing quite like Cold Stone ice cream for desert.

But if you just wanted a full plate of pulled pork bbq, ribs, or any of the other menu items, you could get that too.

With the addition of some great live classic rock and bluegrass music from Buckville Hootenanny and Commonwealth Bluegrass Band, this was a great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon.

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