About VBL

Virginia is For Lovers. And of all the things Virginians love, beer is high on the list.

Craft brewing is taking America by storm, and Virginia is leading the way! Why would you drink one of those generic national brands when you can have something that is so much better.

We have over 400 years of proud brewing traditions here in the new world. Many of our Founding Fathers were brewers as well. Three of the most well known were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. In fact, in the early days of our country’s creation, James Madison proposed the founding a national brewery and the cabinet post of Secretary of Beer! Sadly the motion did not pass.

Over the past hundred years, craft brewing suffered serious decline, and we were forced to get by with the offerings of a handful of national corporations. Fortunately those days are over, and today we are in the midst of a craft brewing boom! Home brewing is surging in popularity and more and more craft brewers are opening their doors to the public every year!

The Commonwealth’s slogan is “Virginia Is For Lovers”. So for lovers of beer in Virginia, and across the country, I say rejoice! Support your craft brewers, and spread the happy news!

Support craft brewing where ever you go, and let us know what’s going on in your area that’s craft beer related so we can help spread the word. And if you here about a new brewery, a festival, an event, or just have something to say about a beer you had or brewery you visited, let us know!


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