Las Vegas and Craft Beer

Las Vegas is famous for a lot of things. Casinos, high rollers, showgirls, the Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, wedding chapels, Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen, and so much more. It’s also known for its secrets because as everyone knows, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (Unless you visit a wedding chapel, then what happens in Vegas follows you home).

However, I suspect that very soon Las Vegas will quickly become known for something else, and it won’t be a secret- craft breweries! I counted 16 craft breweries in Las Vegas, and that’s not counting the “chain” breweries.

I made my way down to Brewery Row in the northern part of Vegas where there are a number of breweries within a short walk.

My first stop was Able Baker Brewing Co.

The name is a nod to Nevada’s dubious distinction as the testing sight for the first two atomic bombs. Able Baker comes from the phonetic alphabet used by our military at that time. The initials for atomic bomb (AB) were pronounced “Able Baker” back in the 1940’s.

The selection was great. No matter what your brew of choice might be, chances are it’s on tap, and it’s awesome. Lagers, IPA’s, Double IPA’s, Hefferveisens, Stouts, sours, and more. You like it spicy? They had a 5 Pepper Porter. And for your designated driver they had nitro cold brewed coffee, root beer, and Kombucha.

They also had a kitchen, and were serving up an eclectic variety of food ranging from burgers and wings, to ceviche and Poke Bowls. I got the pastrami sandwich, and loved it.

Between the beer, the food, and the history behind their name, Able Baker Brewing was pretty outstanding, and definately worth a visit.


Nevada Brew Works had a great patio area, gourmet pizza, and excellent craft beer!