Support Your Local Brewer

Thomas Paine said, “THESE are the times that try men’s souls.” Of course, Thomas was referring to the American Revolution, but those words particularly resonate within the crisis we find ourselves in today.

While in the midst of these difficult times, we need to keep in mind that this crisis will pass, and give some thought to what comes next. For now, our favorite places may be closed, but one day (hopefully in a not too distant future) the mandatory closings will be lifted, and businesses will start to reopen. For craft beer lovers the question we should ask ourselves is: Will our favorite brewery will be one of them?

Being closed for months can put a strain on any business, but it can be particularly difficult on small businesses such as your local craft breweries.  The overwhelming majority of these brewers do not distribute, so their beer is only available at their tap rooms. And even though our favorite brewery might be closed, most still offer curb side sales and/or delivery. 

Many believe this crisis will leave a lasting mark on our society, and will create a new social norm. And while I am not afraid of change, the thought of my favorite brewery not being part of that new “norm” fills me with dread.

To all those that love craft beer, I call on you to support the draft, drink local, and help preserve the places and the people who are important to us all.

Thomas Paine also said “… he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”  So please, support the draft, drink local, help preserve the places and the people who are important to us all, and earn the love and thanks of the men and women in your community.

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