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I was recently introduced to the website If you are not familiar with the site, it offers a wide variety of gifts which can be personalized.  And when I say a wide variety, I may be understating it. Here are some of the amazing items on this site.

For the beer lovers, there are mugs, pints, flights, growlers, coolers and more. There is even a glass drinking horn with stand!

Like whiskey? There are a plethora of great whiskey glasses, whiskey stones, flasks, decanters, shot glasses, bar sets, and even a 2 liter whiskey barrel!

Do you enjoy a good cigar with your beverage of choice? I do.  They have lighters, cutters, humidors, a flask/cigar holder combo, and more!

They have a lot of other things like gym bags, travel bags, backpacks, knives, sports items, and other things like hatchets, cuff links, and grilling sets. There is literally something for everyone. And everything can be personalized with initials, names, or messages. What guy wouldn’t want a coffee mug with his wife or girlfriend’s picture on it? (Not both- because that would end badly).

The WaterBoy

They also make great group gifts to commemorate a special occations like a community legue sports team, or as gifts for a wedding party. Imagin giving your best man and groomsman personalized footballs or basketballs for having you’re back all the way to the goal.

I got a mug that’s inscribed “Craft Beer Lover”. The lettering looks great, and trust me when I say I’ve put it through some rigorous testing.

You should check out Fathers Day is just around the corner. I think I’m going to “accidentally” leave my browser open to the Man In The Iron Flask, or maybe the Sins Of Anarchy. If I do that several times over the next couple of months, maybe I’ll get something other than a tie?

Man In The Iron Flask
Sins Of Anarchy travel flask and cigar holder

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