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Craft breweries in Virginia


Who has the best Bourbon Barrel Porter?

On a recent visit to Scotts Addition in Richmond, VA, I stopped in Isley Brewing for a pint. After scanning the beer list I decided on a beer they were calling “This Ain’t Kentucky”, a bourbon barrel aged oatmeal porter....


Barleywine Fest at Mad Fox Brewing

This past weekend, Feb 24th and 25th, Mad Fox hosted its 8th Annual Barleywine Fest at their brewery in Falls Church, VA.  There were wide variety of barleywines on hand. Several were produced right there at Mad Fox, while others...


Craft Beer for Thanksgiving!

Why pair your Thanksgiving meal with a wine when beer is far more food friendly? Think about it. Wine makers have essentially 2 ingredients. Grapes and yeast. However, brewers have a wide variety of different grains which can be malted,...

Is This America’s Next Great Beer Town? (via Men’s Journal) 0

Is This America’s Next Great Beer Town? (via Men’s Journal)

In 1935, the Gottfried Krueger Brewery made drinking history by selling the first-ever canned beer, choosing Richmond, Virginia, as its test market. But the innovating spirit of the city’s brew scene didn’t settle, leaving the town far behind in the...