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Something’s Brewing

Matt Tarpey’s bringing years of experience to Richmond with his new Scott’s Addition brewery, The Veil Brewing Co. Source: Something’s Brewing


How Many Types of Beer Are There?

Beer drinking is probably one of mankind’s oldest past times. Many of our founding fathers not only were beer drinkers, but brewers themselves.  People have been brewing and drinking beer for thousands of years. And in that time brewers have...

Beer, Wine and Your Bones 0

Beer, Wine and Your Bones

by Michele Webb If you like the taste of a good brew, then here is some good news! In a recent research study of over 2,900 women and men, researchers found that beer, which contains silicon, may promote bone health. Silicon...

Brew tanks at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery 0

Craft Breweries in Virginia

  Did you know there are over 100 craft breweries in Virginia? That number is changing rapidly as more and more craft brewers open their doors. At last count there were 110, but more are scheduled to open this year, and...


Virginia Gets Hopping!

As a crop, hops are labor intensive, require a trellis system, take up to three years to mature, and federal crop insurance isn’t available for hops. And while hops are being grown in Virginia, there just isn’t enough being produced...